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July 1, 2021, animation still, gouache on paper.

In the past, I have used painting as a meditation or a vehicle for self-exploration. Be it my anxiety related to class, gender construction, or master narratives in general, my paintings have explored still-life (nature morte) as a way to disrupt or pause the provocations of the cultural moment.

After studying the historical and cultural baggage associated with painting, I wanted toincorporate a more accessible medium into my art practice. The events of this last have onlyserved to elevate my concerns related to social inequity even more so. Digital animation offers me a readily available way to share ideas to maintain my passion for the process of painting whilst sharing my ideas with a larger more accessible audience. I use animation toapproach these concerns through the serious work of play, which resulted in silliness, whim,and irony.

This body of work is the culmination of documenting my experience as a mother and educator. I began this work by exploring the joy and love for my life alongside  the uncertainty of the future. By adding digital “suggestions” to my fully-rendered paintings of domestic imagery, I look to build a narrative where courage and connection can exist within a field of despair and uncertainty.

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