Stills from my recent foray into painting for video…

After the last residency, I embarked on a video journey. Life is cyclic. I began my art journey with a hankering to make films. As video took over, I adapted for a while. I even shot a 16 mm film in the nineties and edited it to tape. I entered a few film festivals and collected many rejection letters while painting and drawing in the background. I worked for a video editing company while I went to art school. I worked as a camera operator and did some freelance editing of demo reels and indie productions. Over the years, I never went for more than a few months without painting. Now for the first time, I have married painting to video editing.

I’m scared as hell to show it to anyone. It’s playful, campy, sometimes sad, bright, and only 5 mins long. Here are some stills.

thank you for reading my little blog. Please follow me on instagram @emmywarren for everyday shenanigans. Peace.

Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

The work is inspired by an engagement with play and making peace with uncertainty. I work experimentally, using a digital video to explore painting. I use sound and moving images in non-traditional ways to reverse expectations of horror and comedy. I am drawn to the whimsical nature of self-discovery. I construct repeating narratives, often depicting varying scenarios of serenity, silliness, and reflection.

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