So…I have been working on this painting for longer than most.  I still don’t like it, but I WANT to like it.  I can’t decide if I should start over because I love the idea of this painting.  I like the composition, the colors, and the concept.  What I don’t love: the rendering if the dice.  I also think I over blended the metallic elements of the cup.  After much deliberation and reflection I think I will scrap this one and start again. The horrors!  Not really.  My goal is to have paintings that I really like.  Paintings that I want to gaze upon.  This one…well, I constantly see things to correct.  Art isn’t a roll of the dice.  DSC_0641

This place is a safe place to share and discuss the process of making art.  So all comments are welcome.

Thank you for being kind.

My best,
Emily Warren

Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

The work is inspired by an engagement with play and making peace with uncertainty. I work experimentally, using a digital video to explore painting. I use sound and moving images in non-traditional ways to reverse expectations of horror and comedy. I am drawn to the whimsical nature of self-discovery. I construct repeating narratives, often depicting varying scenarios of serenity, silliness, and reflection.

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